Przemyśl train station has been re-purposed into a hub for fleeing Ukrainian refugees. Some arrive others board departing trains for onward travel deeper into Poland and beyond. It's a chaotic mix of (understandably) very tired and very stressed travellers looking for help and direction. As always, Ukrainians are treated with kindness and respect in abundance. 

On arrival at Przemyśl train station, the first question by staff is not "can we see your passport? Instead it's "are you hungry" or "can I get you a coffee". It's a simple gesture that hopefully makes people feel human again. Young children are given sweets and toys. Local restaurants are each making 100's of quality meals to feed weary refugees under the neutral organisation of World Kitchen.

If you don't have family in Poland or Europe, where are you going yo live? The answer is simply (I believe) most humans are good. And no better country  to follow is Poland. They have cut through red tape and mind numbing bureaucracy to get a quick fix . Ukrainian refugees need places to live now, not in 2-3 weeks (and probably longer) that the UK Government have committed to.