Unthinkable as it seems in this day and age, Russia has started dropping bombs on it's neighbour, Ukraine. The immediate effect is to force residents to flee their homes and country. Many of the war refugees are crossing into Poland. As the humanitarian crisis rapidly turns into a tragedy, I went to see for myself the situation on the ground. The number of people escaping the conflict is staggering, but the Polish Army, Police and 1000's of volunteers are helping the displaced find new temporary homes across Europe.

Many people have fled with only a few hours notice to pack a case with whatever they consider essential, not knowing when, if ever,  they will return. Fathers and husbands must stay to fight for their country. The future for hundreds of thousands forced to leave their homeland has never been so uncertain.

I spoke with families who’s homes have been flattened by Russian bombing. What makes the situation hard to process is that this is happening in Europe, in the 21th century. It’s not some far flung part of the World that we’ll never go to. Ukraine is only a Ryanair flight away. A weekend break destination. Or rather it was.

Poland has stepped up to the plate without hesitation. They have a big heart and it shows. Their humanitarian operation is on a huge scale. It needs to be. The tsunami of souls needing help is unprecedented not witnessed for decades.

The photographs are divided into the places I visited on a short stay.