This is my modest attempt to document the ever changing, vibrant and increasingly diverse society that is Great Britain in the 21st century.

In a referendum held on 23 June 2016, and after a fierce Brexit campaign on both sides, the UK voted to leave the EU. Over 4 years later on the 1st Jan 2021, the United Kingdom left the EU single market and customs union. This significant change stoked the fires in Ireland over borders. 

The age old battlegrounds of politics and religion now fight for media attention with climate change group, and new kids on the block, Extinction Rebellion. Racism has a new and powerful global voice with the Black Lives Matter movement. And 2020 spawned a completely new cause - anti Vax | anti mask | anti lockdown.  

As with all periods of worry and change, frustrations build and can manifest themselves in protest. However, some issues are simply too powerful to keep down. In the North of England, during various stages of change including Brexit, George Floyd and Covid lockdowns, protests sprang up, some large, some small, but all had one thing in common, a feeling of injustice, frustration and occasionally, anger.

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